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I’m Kimberly Marsh, a registered dietitian, stay-at-home wife and mom, blogger, self-taught cook, and food lover.

As a dietitian, I have worked with patients on a range of nutrition issues.  Some of my patients had to be tube-fed, or put on specialized diets while they received treatment for diabetes or kidney and heart disease. Others needed to lose weight and improve their daily eating regimen.  As I worked with my patients, I saw how hard it was for them to cook or even try new foods, and to make the changes they needed to live a more healthy life.

Now as a wife and mother, I work hard to make healthy, interesting, and tasty food for my family.  We all love our treats, of course, and sometimes, a bad day gets the better of us.  But “healthy eating” doesn’t require “perfect eating.”  Healthy eating is a continuum, and no one is perfect every day.  As long as we swing toward the “healthy” end more often than not, I feel like we are doing well.

My goal is to help you move closer to “healthy” on that continuum, too.  There is a lot of nutrition information out there, and I will try to help you make sense of it.  I will also provide healthy (or mostly healthy) recipes that are tasty to both kids and adults, easy, and affordable.

Here is some more information about me, my background, and goals for this blog.

Please contact me (kimberlykmarsh{at}gmail.com) with any questions or ideas.  Thanks for stopping by!

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